Illustration Friday: Haunt

When I was a kid, I was afraid of monsters and ghosts (like most of the kids in the world I guess). Once I heard a story, where ghosts appeared inside a mirror. From then on, I couldn’t go to the bath in the night, without being afraid. I tried to avoid to look into the mirror, but that was even worse, because you always see a little movement, even if you try not to look at all...


Illustration Friday: Sky

pretty late, but:
IF: Sky

My son, looking up for planes in the sky. A bit kitschy, but fun to draw.


Sursula Pitschi

Ich bin offenbar im Jim Knopf-Rausch. Sursula Pitschi kommt ebenfalls im zweiten Band vor, Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13.


... wobei: Sursula hat eigentlich silbernes Haar, das müsste man mal bei Gelegenheit ändern, genauso wie Lormoral glatzköpfig ist, nur lauter Muscheln und Tang bedecken seinen Kopf, wie ich bei erneutem Nachlesen feststellen musste. Tja, nobody is perfect!more...

Drache der Weisheit


Illustration Friday: Water

Hi there,
IF-topic this week: Water.
I had to read the whole book of „Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer“ and „Jim Knopf und die wilde 13“ by Michael Ende to my daughter (five years old).
I love the original illustrations in the book, but still the story is so inspiring. In the second book (Jim Button and the wild 13?) they meet king Lormoral, the king under the sea. He is pretty old and not the brightest person. His crown is made of „chrystal of eternity“? (a kind of glass which is unbreakable).
Love the books, I don’t know if they are popular in the US but here they are a classic!
So here comes my king Lormoral (made with water colors and ink):